• To be the foremost channel of trade and commerce between Belgium, Luxembourg and Nigeria.


  • The Belgium - Luxembourg - Nigeria Chamber of Commerce (BLNCC) with her Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, is an international organization of business professionals, commited to fostering business relations between three focal economies: Belgium, Luxembourg and Nigeria. The BLNCC is committed to continuously encouraging and promoting mutually beneficial trade relations between Belgium, Luxembourg and Nigeria.


  • Development and promotion of business, industrial, economic, cultural and social interests between Nigeria and Belgium & Luxembourg.

  • Creation of opportunity for mutually beneficial business interactions between entrepreneurs / enterprises of all three countries with a view to forging business partnership as well as leveraging business environments of all countries.

  • Facilitation of the realization of a two-way inward and outward investments for the three countries for the attainment of a healthy balance of trade between them;

  • To undertake study of all economic, maritime, social, legal, tax, scientific, matters in furtherance of above.


  • Established on 27 June 1985, in Antwerp Belgium, the association flourished throughout the eighties and the first half of the nineties before going into a period of inactivity.

  • It was resuscitated in October 2013 under the facilitation of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Brussels, in the wake of the first Nigeria Belgium Luxembourg Business Forum. Aimed at creating a sustainable platform for promoting Nigeria-Belgium economic and trade relations, the newly resuscitated chamber of Commerce came into force at the board meeting of 17 December, 2013 under the chairmanship of Mr Pierre Vanderbeeck.

  • In 2016, the BNCC went through a major overhaul, attracting key industry players and extending its operations to include activities in Luxembourg as well as taking steps to join the folds of the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce.

  • This evolution continues in 2017 under the leadership of Mr Sergio Canini as Chairman, repositioning the organisation to become a veritable forum for contact and communication among decision makers, opinion leaders and participants in Nigeria, Luxembourg and Belgium.













BLNCC Board Members

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Mr. Sergio CANINI | President

Prince Ike  Ademola AKENZUA | Vice President

Mr. Yusuf AJIBADE | Vice President

Mr. Emmanuel AJUFOH | Secretary

Mr. Steven POPPE | Director Committees

Mr. Vincent VAN HORENBEECK | Corporate Affairs

Mr. Pedro EIYA | Finance

Mr. Chris DAHI | Publicity

Mr. Collins NWEKE | Business Development

Mr. Christiaan VISSERS | Marketing



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