The BLNCC is inviting you to join forces with all her members with common focus towards the furtherance of the economic and commercial interest of businesses operating from or targeting Belgium, Luxemburg and Nigeria.


The Belgium Luxemburg and Nigeria Chamber of Commerce BLNCC with her headquarters in Brussels is an international organization of business and professional persons fostering business relations between Belgium, Luxemburg and Nigeria.


The BNCC was established in 1978 by some Belgian and Nigerian patriots.

The organization flourished throughout the eighties and the first half of the nineties before going into a period of dormancy.


The Chamber was resuscitated in October 2013 under the facilitation of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, led by His Excellency Mr Felix Awanbor, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Brussels, in the wake of the First Nigeria Belgium Luxemburg Business Forum. The Forum aimed at creating a sustainable platform for promoting Nigeria, Belgium, and Luxemburg business interests. During the General meeting of 27 March, 2017 the Chamber voted unanimously to include businesses and persons from Luxemburg in its operations. Prior to that the Chamber did not include Luxemburg.


The BELUX NIGERIA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is on the verge of seeking accreditation with the Federation of Belgian - Luxemburg Chambers of Commerce – BLCCA, an umbrella organization that unites the Chambers of Commerce in Belgium and Luxemburg. The Federation defends the interest of her members with governments.

It also represents the interests of her members at international level through her membership of the Eurochambers and the International Chamber of Commerce.

In this way, the Federation forms a platform for her members to operate comfortably in an international atmosphere as well as encouraging and supporting her members in executing and participating in international projects.


This level playing ground is open to your organization as a valued member of BLNCC, and together forging a strong partnership for promoting our set goals and objectives for mutual benefits.


Membership is open to any commercial enterprise or business person.

BLNCC activities cover the full scope of Business & expatriate issues through dedicated committees

There are three levels of membership:

  • Sustaining members

  • Corporate members

  • Individual member

Business activities of the current membership of companies and individuals include business promotion, professional services such as law, accountancy, fiduciary and consultancy firms; information technology; advertising; retailing; travel, courier, relocation and removal services; real estate; and human resources, training, education and capacity building, engineering services.

For more information on memberships, please contact BLNCC:

Corporate Members

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Sustaining Members

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